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  1. I trained as a officer at Swanley in 1980 -81 and am still working as a careers leader and adviser today. I experienced those days of high unemployment and few jobs in the East of England and saw the numbers of school leavers staying on into the sixth form soar as one consequence.
    Things did get better and they will again , I agree with Andy we have to stay positive for our young people, help them all we can and do our best to be the friendly-face ( real or virtual ) in such a bizarre ,uncertain time.

  2. As a then Secondary Vocational teacher, given responsibility for Careers, WEX, Aim Higher and School/Industry/links Co-ordinator. with much in-service training with Watts, Andrews, Law and Cleaton as well as completing Advanced Diploma Modules with J McDonald after completing an MA, it was in my Thesis on The Development of CEG in
    the curriculum and the Effects at Post 16 – (Spours, Young, Green and Wolf) that confirmed the need for such positive thinking and
    could not agree more – positive thinking works best when situations are at their lowest ebb.
    Discussing and identifying interests aptitudes and any qualifications together with further training possibilities in a wider range of sectors, gives hope and a goal to work towards for those looking for inspiration.

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