Veterinary Science


Veterinary Science
5 years after Graduation.


Subjects covered include:

Pre-clinical veterinary medicine, Clinical veterinary medicine & dentistry

General Median salaries to compare with below:

For all 24-29-year-olds in work in 2014-15: £20,800 WonkHE.   For all ages, £27,600 in 2015 ASHE

Interesting points from the depths of the LEO spreadsheet:

Not much to say here, with a £3,000 spread.  Cambridge has a small cohort compared with the others!

It’s not just about the money!

There are many reasons to go to university; Love of a subject, independent and critical thinking, independent living (if affordable!).  It’s not just about salary levels, however applicants must not be misled by general statements about a blanket graduate dividend, these can be clearly bogus.  See information below.

For courses with a clear vocational link, check to see if there is a relevant apprenticeship standard:

Veterinary Science
Data Set

HE provider Upper quartile Median earnings Lower quartile
The University of Bristol 41800 36600 31500
The University of Cambridge 40800 36500 28600
The Royal Veterinary College 41200 36100 30400
GB 40500 35900 29500
The University of Liverpool 39400 35800 29000
The University of Edinburgh 40300 34700 31600
The University of Glasgow 39800 33900 26900

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