Why Do Opportunity Providers Need It?


Sponsorship & Consultancy

Our mission at Central Careers Hub is to connect to opportunity providers with careers advisers and teachers who actively support people in their career decisions.

Through our network and events, we have gained knowledge and expertise on how opportunities should be presented to provide the greatest benefit to careers advisers and the young people they work with.

In the last 3 years alone, Careers advisers who attended our events made a total of 462,000 guidance interventions including 80,000 interventions with those in the NEET category.

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Sponsorship & Consultancy
By providing Careers Advisers with sector specific news and information on the latest opportunities, Central Careers Hub have helped ensure the guidance provided to young people and other career seekers is as up-to-date and relevant as possible.

Sponsorship opportunities:

If your organisation struggles to get opportunity information out to where it can make a real difference, we may be able to help. By sponsoring our career sector lectures you can help us provide careers advisers with affordable events full of relevant sector-specific opportunities to take out to career seekers.

Alongside our calendar of career sector lectures, we also work in partnership with organisations to design bespoke events for our career advisor and teacher audience around specific opportunities. If you have a venue and opportunities to feature, then we can help build a successful event which will provide interesting discussions and valuable information to the advisor community.


Consultation and Training:

Not all organisations are successful in communicating career opportunities to young people and other career seekers. Our experience in communication career opportunities means we can advise on how to reach the right audiences and present opportunities in a way which will be truly beneficial to its audience.

We can also design bespoke training programmes to give hands-on practical advice on how to engage audiences with different career opportunities.